About Me

I am a yoga and fitness junkie; I love to move, to flow, to sweat. I combine my love for the practice of yoga with my love for physical fitness to lead a flow that is invigorating while accessible. I bring together the elements of strength, flexibility and balance that make up the asana practice, while incorporating pranayama and meditation, for a truly well-rounded yoga practice.

Yoga found me during a difficult time in my life and it revived me. It is for this reason that I have such a passion to share it with the world. I also have a deep desire to explore this world that I so wish to share yoga with. As such, I am always traveling, experiencing and sharing yoga as I go.

I invite you to follow me on my adventures; to join in the discussion in the blog comments, follow me on Instagram, or send me an email at natalie@roamingyogi.me

Thanks for being here!

love and laughs,